Friday, 4 January 2013

Mystery egg-layer number two

Good things all come at once right? Not only did we have a Christmas day egg from the lovely Pepper, who has continued to lay an egg about once a day ever since, but we have also had a couple of eggs that are certainly not Pepper's. These are much smaller and are almost certainly laid by one of the two bantams, but which - we do not know!

Will the mystery egg-layer please step forward...
Frog or Fizzy? Any guesses?


  1. I'll extend my Facebook offer to here: random draw on all correct answers. 6 eggs to the winner next time you see us!

  2. Careful observations and we finally have an answer: Our mystery egg layer is Frog! Since most people voted for Fizzy, we had only two correct answers - and the winner is (drum-roll please) (extra pause for tension)... redfaces. Well done Jance - we owe you some eggs :)