Wednesday, 26 December 2012

A surprise present

We were all ready for Christmas, everything was in place. We had logs for the wood burner, Christmas dinner prepped (shh, don't tell the girls we had chicken). The presents were all wrapped and the tree was decorated with fairy lights and baubles. We'd been to church three times in the previous two days - with the Christmas Day service still to come! And that's when we found the surprise...

Joe went out to see to the chickens on Christmas Day morning, and came back looking a little shocked and quite smug.

As regular readers of this blog will know, we got our girls 4.5 months ago, at which point they were 15 weeks old. As they reached point of lay the weather turned particularly cold and as such we have failed to get a single egg from them. Our Christmas miracle, therefore, is very simple. Our first egg.

Update: We found a second on Boxing Day, we could get used to this :)


  1. Second egg is a little less exciting but I am still excited :D
    The second one is definitely bigger (more of a 'large' than the 'medium' sized original) and less two tone.
    We don't know what they taste like yet... we will possibly find out with toast tomorrow morning!

  2. To be fair, hens have limited opportunity to go Christmas shopping so their options for your present this year weren't many. They're probably delighted that you didn't guess what they'd got you in advance.

  3. They must have kept it under wraps for a long time...