The Flock

My names Jenny, and this blog is about me, my husband Joe, and our flock of chickens. We got our first four hens in August 2012 so are still quite new to this, but are loving what they bring to our day to day life (and I don't just mean the eggs). They can be ditsy, bossy, scared, demanding, peaceful and rowdy - and often all at the same time! Life is rarely dull.

Each of our hens is unique, both in looks and character. So, in size order, I present The Flock:

Frog is the smallest hen and is a chocolate coloured Wyandotte bantam making her very elegant to look at. She is quite calm and placid and has maintained a gentle attitude to life despite having spent time near both the top and the bottom of the pecking order. She lays small eggs which are a creamy/light brown colour and normally have a very smooth shell. 
Fizzy is similarly sized to Frog and is a silver laced Orpington bantam. She is Frogs opposite in character and can swing between being a bossy and demanding hen - the top chick - and nervous and jumpy. She is very vocal and will certainly let you know how she is feeling. Until all the egg laying started she definitely ruled the roost, but is seeming a little more uncertain of life now.
Moving significantly up the size scale we then have Pepper. She is a full size Light Sussex and is the tamest of the group. She has always been one of the top hens and continues to be so. She has quite a large wattle and comb - we would be worried if she wasn't definitely laying eggs! She is more interested that the others in that we are doing and will peck at anything we put near enough - edible or not. Pepper lays large cream/light brown eggs.
Finally we have Lemon. Lemon is a large and fluffy gold laced Orpington. Like Fizzy she tends to be quite vocal about how she is feeling though she is less nervous than Fizzy generally. She is gradually becoming calmer about contact with us - we're working on it! Lemon lays fairly large light brown eggs (slightly darker than Peppers).