Tuesday, 15 January 2013

St Clements Curd

Now we have two hens that are regularly laying eggs I find myself wondering about all sorts of imaginative ways to use them. We've had spaghetti carbonara, Yorkshire puddings, poached eggs and omelettes but we'd probably have done all of those anyway. I fear that in a very short time we'll be fed up of poached/boiled/fried/scrambled eggs if we don't quickly expand our egg recipe repertoire . Joe has recently been learning to make crème patisserie and eggs seems to disappear by the dozen when he gets going on a cooking spree which definitely helps the cause!

What I'm really looking for are recipes that use eggs in a way that doesn't leave them looking like eggs. Cakes of all kinds are a great example of this, and one of my favourites at the moment is this spiced apple cake. I found this recipe on a website called Tastespotting. I enjoy baking and often find myself browsing the brilliant site that is Tastespotting for inspiration. Tastespotting brings together recipes from food bloggers around the world and they're picky in what they allow to appear, so you can guarantee that recipes that tickle your fancy will be clearly laid out and accompanied by photos that lure you into just having to give them a go.

Another recent find was this recipe for St Clements Curd. It seemed fairly simple to make, we had all the ingredients in the house and it used six eggs for a win! As it didn't seem to last too long (two weeks in a cupboard, or four in a fridge according to the recipe) I decided to just make a half batch to see how it came out - if it proved moreish and disappeared quickly then, I reasoned, I could always make more.

As it happens, it is very tasty and has a good zinginess to it. Being orange and lemon curd I keep veering between whether I would rather it was more lemony or not, but I will definitely be making something like this again. Its just a question of whether I go hunting for similar recipes - or start to tweak this one.

What are your favourite egg based recipes?


  1. You'll have to start using royal icing on all your cakes, or eating a lot of meringue (or chocolate mousse!). Then I use up the yolks by making egg custard tarts. Yum!

  2. I think once we start having 3 or 4 hens laying we'll have to start giving away eggs too. We're just about keeping on top of them at the moment, but just trying to make sure we're not too repetitive in our uses! Egg custard tarts are a great idea - Joe will love that suggestion :)

    1. The only thing is that it only uses the yolks (hence the egg white suggestions). But I've just thought of another amazing use for egg whites - whip them up with icing sugar and use them to ice the top of a fruit pie (ice it when it's nearly cooked then stick it in the oven for another few minutes - amazing!) Mmmmmm.... now I want egg custard tarts...