Friday, 1 February 2013

Keeping track

In order to satisfy the geek in me I have decided to make a note of which hen lays each day, and what we use the eggs for - for one month. I'm also slightly hopeful that over the month we might start getting eggs from more than just two hens too, for bonus points.

You'll be able to keep track with me by clicking on the Egg Log tab up at the top there ^. Maybe once I'm done I'll try and draw some "scientific" conclusions. I hope that someone else might find interest in this, but completely understand if its just me!

So for now all there is to say is that I'm starting this process off with 9 eggs on the rack and 1 egg collected this morning.


  1. Am I alone in wondering how you know which hen laid which egg?

    1. Good question. Currently we only have two egg layers (conspicuous by the time spent in the nest box during the day). The eggs laid are very different in size so its quite easy to tell which of the two it is. However, once our other two hens start laying things might get trickier...

    2. I was going to ask that too!

  2. Sounds like you need to install a time lapse camera in the nesting box