Wednesday, 26 June 2013

She Lays!

Yes, it's the answer to that question, the one you've all been asking for months. Fizzy, our 14 month old hen, has finally laid her first egg. I must admit we're a little disbelieving but the evidence is all there. The trouble is that Frog and Fizzy eggs turn out to be remarkably similar. Tuesdays egg was put down to Frog on an off day. It was incredibly small, but Frog has been a little off colour recently laying lots of thin shelled eggs so this didn't surprise us.

We believe these are Fizzy's first two eggs (L)
with a Pepper egg for scale (R)
Wednesday however, four eggs were laid. One Pepper, one Lemon, one small egg that was too thin and smashed, and one small egg that survived. To further compound the evidence when Joe got home from work he collected the two large eggs and dealt with the thin egg and discovered Fizzy keen to spend time in the coop. He had to go out again for 30 mins, and on returning home a second time discovered the fourth egg. On reflection we think that this was probably Fizzys second egg, with Tuesdays tiny egg being the first.

So well done Fizzy for finally figuring out how this egg thing works, and here's to lots more "four egg" days!

The girl herself

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  1. Yey! Go Fizzy! Maybe she'll recover some of her pecking order status now.