Friday, 22 March 2013

What's a worm do?

Its that time again. Lots of pets need regular worming and chickens are no different. In the case of our feathered friends, they need to be wormed every 6 months. We did them when we first got them, and time has flown.

We use Flubenvet. You can buy it at places like Countrywide and then its just a case of spiking their feed with it for a week or so. Since our enormous feeder holds over a weeks food for our flock anyway its a case of taking what we'd normally put in each weekend and adding the requisite amount of drug - in this case about a scoop. Simple.


  1. Gosh, that sounds a lot easier than worming a cat. I remember forcing balls of pate or cheese with a concealed worming tablet down our biting, scratching cat's throat!

  2. I have similar memories with cats - normally involving towels to try and restrain those claws! It is much much easier with a hen :)

  3. It's worth remembering that whilst 'preventative' worming can be done every 6 months, it really depends on the infection pressure. If birds are on old / well used ground, they will become re-infected after picking up eggs and after a month or so will be full of worms again.

    The answer of course is to worm again if you suspect they are showing signs of worms in between times.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I'll remember to keep an eye out for symptoms.