Monday, 10 September 2012

Food for all? Fizzy strikes back.

Last week I started to tell you the story of training the hens to use the feeder. Frustratingly, they had all learnt how to avoid stepping on the platform but still get to the food. The drama continues...

While they were eating they seemed to forget about that big bad platform and would step on to it, causing the dreaded movement. Over several days, the distance they fled from it got shorter and shorter. Fizzy seemed least scared and soon learnt that if she didn't run away, but just lifted her foot, she could continued eating. Still not quite what we were after but definitely progress.

Four days after we moved the training screws we had a mini celebration. Fizzy was happily eating while stood square in the middle of the platform - she'd done it! One down, three to go. The others were still quite jumpy. Pepper and Lemon's longer necks gave them an advantage. They were finding it more comfortable to reach from the side than the smaller two, and therefore were a lot less motivated to try to get closer. We hoped that more time would be enough to do the trick.

Maybe Fizzy could show the others how it is done? Maybe...


  1. I love that second picture. Coupled with the title it makes it look like Fizzy is some crazed cannibalistic hen intent on revenge!

    1. Fizzy is a little crazy, and very curious. This would also describe Pepper and Lemon. Frog is a much calmer lady :)

  2. It turns out that it may be rat proof, but it certainly isn't slug proof. Half a dozen had wormed their way in this morning :(