Friday, 31 August 2012

It starts

First the rat-proof feeder, then a flat-pack coop. Slowly, piece by piece, the plans came together. There was painting to be done, and food to be bought; equipment to assemble and a run to set up.

Then it arrived.
The day finally came.

We collected our chicks and brought them home, popped them in the coop and walked away. They seemed a little shocked at the removal from what they knew, but we hoped that would not last long.

The next morning we opened the door and retreated to watch for who would be brave enough to explore this new world first.

A head appeared,
and then a foot.
A shadow in the doorway -
who would it be?

As the hen made a first attempt at the ramp, the sunlight caught a golden sheen and there was Lemon, leading the way. The other three soon followed and tucked into the grass with great gusto. We breathed a sigh of relief - so far, so good. They had survived the journey and may yet come to enjoy the life of a suburban hen.


  1. Has Lemon remained the ring-leader?

    1. No. She certainly seemed to be on the first day, but Fizzy quickly took over. Recently its all seemed up in the air a bit, which is probably a good thing as Fizzy was a bit of a bully!